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Four of our favourites - 12 bottle case

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When we started the company some 35 years ago, most of the wines we sold came from Europe. There were few wines from the southern hemisphere to be found and I suppose that our tastes developed with very much a European bias. Even the wines of Italy were hard for us to take due to something called volatile acidity (don't worry about this) that they seemed to be full of. How things change. Italy accounts for the largest share of our sales thanks to Prosecco and Pinot Grigio and a distinct lack of volatile acidity!. Our hearts remain very much European and here we have selected four wines that for us, really do bring a smile to the face each time we drink them. We hope you'll be smiling too!

The case contains 3 bottles each of:

Macon Peronne - Domaine du Bicheron

This was truly our first love. We bought it originally as Macon Villages Domaine des Burdines through the Beaujoais negotiant Collin Bourisset. The head of the company Edward Steeves became a personal friend over the years and some years after he retired the company folded and we asked Ed to find us a new source of wine. He took us to source and we have since formed a great bond with this estate.

Un-oaked Chardonnay in its purest form. Crisp and refreshing with the hallmark notes of hawthorn blossom and white flowers. The palate is packed with green apple fruit with citrus notes behind. There is also a saline minerality that supports the fruit and underpins the whole package. Drink it with some ham or chicken and it will be a revelation!

Albarino - Terra de Asorei

Compared to the Macon Peronne, this is a relative newcomer to our catalogue but nonetheless a great addition. Emanating from Rias Baixas in Galicia, the northern region of Spain close to the Atlantic coast which influences the climate. The citric acidity is bright and crunchy which balances well against the full peach style fruit. 

It's full flavoured and well rounded and suits the great majority of palates. As you would expect from a wine born in a coastal region, it makes a great partner to fish and seafood but it will work equally well with poultry. You can even drink it by itself!

Fleurie Clos de la Roilette - Domaine Coudert

This is another wine that was introduced to us by Ed Steeves. It wasn't part of his portfolio at Collin Bourisset but it made it into ours immediately we tasted it. Fleurie has a reputation for being light and floral but this has much more backbone and depth of flavour thanks to the vineyards proximity to those of Moulin a Vent. 

The nose is redolent of red fruits such as cherries and plums with a host of complex flavours behind - smoke, olives, liquorice and pepper. There are floral notes too. The palate is generous and lip-smackingly delicious. A truly wonderful wine. Show it a chicken and the flavours will develop further. Alain Coudert has made something truly wonderful here that drinks well above its price tag.

Dogliani Sori dij But - Anna Maria Abbona

We've only had this wine in the catalogue for around a year and it was a lucky find. It was served by Bepe Occelli at a party at the Bra Cheese Festival that I went to and so good was it I had to go and search out the estate and buy this wine. It's made from the Piemontese grape variety Dolcetto and it's one of the purest expressions that you'll find.

Packed with red fruits such as spicy raspberries and plums with floral notes such as violets too. It makes a great friend for pasta dishes with a meat sauce or even a simple slice of salami. But it truly goes with all meat, poultry and cheese dishes. A great wine.