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Australia is without doubt a major player on the world wine stage but here in the UK, it has fallen from grace slightly due to strong currency but not for any quality reasons.

Wine production in the country can be traced back to goldrush times in the late 1800's when it was made to slake the thirst of the prospectors. What a change we have seen in technology since then but one thing that does remain are certain parcels of vineyard which are now producing incredible fruit to fashion into the finest of wines albeit in small quantities.

The technological revolution in terms of wine-making was certainly developed if not born in the country and from there it has spread throughout the world. So Australia could be said to be one of the founding fathers of modern oenology.

Gone are the days of generic wines as most wines are now sold under regional appellations. The various climates available for grape growing are numerous and other influencing factors such as soils, altitude and proximity to water are all taken into consideration by the growers to influence the final grape varieties that are used and the styles of wine that are produced.

Some of the largest players in the wine industry are based in Australia but then again, some of the smallest too are to be found. All in all, Australia now produces wines in every style, quality and at most price points too. The big buxom reds and whites of yesteryear are still to be found but new styles with great elegance and finesse are part of the spectrum too.