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Bodegas San Cebrin

Bodegas San Cebrin

At the very heart of the Rioja Alta, on the banks of the rivers Ebro and Najerilla, lies the small town of San Asensio that has long been noted for the high quality of wines that come from the surrounding vineyards. Bodegas San Cebrin, the co-operative bodega of the neighbouring villages of Hormilleja and San Asensio, comprises of 85 members and was formed in 1998. San Cebrin's members are small, artisan producers who have come together to employ the skills of the finest winemakers in the area to produce modern, fruity, appealing wines.

San Cebrin's winery was built in 1999 and benefits from the finest of modern technology, including computerised temperature control of each individual stainless steel vat. This negates the need for much manual work, reducing greatly the wage cost of the bodega which in turn allows them to offer the keenest of prices. Today Bodegas San Cebrin's members control over 400 hectares of vines, with Tempranillo accounting for the lion's share of red grapes and with Viura its main white variety. Although both Crianza and Reserva wines are made, we firmly believe that the greatest value is offered by their younger Joven wines that consistently show fine levels of fruit aromas and flavours.

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