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costantini vini

costantini vini

It was back in 1910 that the Costantini family began wine-making in the Abruzzo since which time their passion and dedication have never wavered. Using the best of tradition passed down from father to son together with modern technical innovations in terms of equipment, they employ the best of both worlds to ensure the finest of products in the end.

The vineyards are situated close to the Adriatic sea which maintains a moderate climate ideal for grape growing, which also ensures a relatively long growing season therefore grapes which will offer wines of great complexity. The grape varieties themselves are indigenous and thus offer the true taste of the Abbruzzo.

Harvesting is only by hand and thus only the ripest and healthiest fruit reaches the winery ensuring once again the quality of the produce. Today, the winery is still run by the family and it is their passion and dedication which serves to maintain the very highest quality for thei wines.

These are wines of true Gastronomic style which are destined for the table and each one from their range make it a delight to pair with food. Wines of exceptional quality and offering great value for money.