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Monthélie Premier Cru

Monthélie Premier Cru wines are those made under the strictest conditions of the Monthélie appellation, from grapes grown in officially recognised premier cru vineyards. There are 15 premier cru sites (or climats) within the appellation's catchment area, and wines from them are permitted to bear the term premier cru and their specific climat name on labels.

Monthélie itself is a village in the Côte de Beaune sub-region of Burgundy, with its own communal appellation, created in 1937. As with every Burgundian commune, the list of premier cru vineyards here is reviewed every few years by the INAO, the French governmental organisation responsible for administering the nation's appellation system.

The vineyards that qualify as premier cru sites within Monthélie's commune boundaries are concentrated mainly on the south and east-facing slopes immediately east of the village. These slopes are part of the famous Côte d'Or – the 27 mile (45km) limestone escarpment running from Dijon to Santenay – and represent quintessential Burgundy terroir. The soils are well drained and have a high content of limestone, bringing a certain minerality to the wines the vineyards there produce. Their south-easterly aspect means that they make the most of the morning sunlight, helping the grapes to ripen fully in the relatively cool Burgundian climate.

Monthélie Premier Cru wines may be either red (made from Pinot Noir) or white (made from Chardonnay), although it is red wines for which Monthélie is best known.

The 15 Monthélie Premier Cru vineyards are:

- Clos des Toisières
- La Taupine
- Le Cas Rougeot
- Le Château Gaillard
- Le Clos Gauthey
- Le Clou des Chênes
- Le Meix Bataille
- Le Village
- Les Barbières
- Les Champs Fulliots
- Les Clous
- Les Duresses
- Les Riottes
- Les Vignes Rondes
- Sur la Velle

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