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Tenuta la Marchesa 2 new vintages of Gavi

Vittorio Giulini is the owner of this small but important Gavi estate situated just outside Novi Ligure. In a previous life, he owned a successful fashion business called Liola but now he has dedicated himself to the production of fine Piedmontese wines, more particularly Gavi.

This wonderful region lies just inside Piemonte and is close to the Ligurian coast, just above Genova. The region takes its name from the village of the same name and to be labelled as Gavi the wine must be 100% Cortese but this can be either still or sparkling. It’s more usual for the still version to be found here. 

At Tenuta la Marchesa, one major factor in the production of the wines is the very low level of sulphites used during vinification making the wines extremely pure and aromatic.

There are 2 Gavis to choose from with the main difference being the age of the vines. The first with the younger vines is the white label, a bright and fresh cuvee that is bone dry and extremely refreshing with aromas of spring blossom and hints of peach. The Gold Label comes from the older vines and is richer in both colour and aroma with a well-rounded palate and great length in the finish.

Both of these wines are first class and will be the perfect partner to fish and seafood although the gold label will also pair well with white meats.

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