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Hailstorms Hit Barolo Hard

Hailstorms have been ever present in the Piemonte summers with the cold air from the Alps hitting the warmer air from the Ligurian coast and thus great balls of ice get deposited on the Barolo vineyards. This year was no exception and towards the end of July, two major storms occurred, the second on the 27th combined with driving winds which further exacerbated the situation. Speaking to a friend during the storm, water was being driven under the doors and creating havoc in the house so strong were the winds.

One of the most famous of the Barolo vineyards, Cannubi, received a major battering as did the various areas of La Morra. According to Paola Oberto of Ciabot Berton, the only saving grace was the fact that the green harvest had not yet taken place and thus the berries were still hard and able to better withstand the force of the hail. It will also allow for any damaged fruit to be pruned out when the green pruning is done.

The weather is set fair for the coming week or so although there is a small chance of some thunder storms. A little rain at present would be beneficial for the vineyards but, no more hail please!
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