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Cantina Del Locorotondo

Cantina Del Locorotondo

Locorotondo is a small town in the region of Puglia in southern Italy. It is situated between Martina Franca and Alberobello in the Valle d'Itria, a green stretch of countryside dotted with the famous whitewashed, cone-roofed trulli houses. The main wine producer is the historic Cantina Sociale Del Locorotondo. In 1930, to better enable them to sell their wines, a group of farmers decided to form a co-operative, the first in Puglia, and they obtained a DOC classification for the local white wine in 1969.

The experience acquired in the subsequent years and the continuous investment made by its members have allowed the Cantina Sociale Del Locorotondo to equip its winery with the latest equipment and technology, enabling it to produce economically viable volumes of high quality, authentic wines.

Wine production continues thanks to the dedication and passion of the 1300 member farmers who overcome the difficulties of the arid, rocky terrain. The vine roots need to dig deeply into the bedrock to survive, relaying the minerality of their surroundings to harmonise with the fruit character of their wines. Locorotondo is one of the most famous white wines of Puglia, yet it is unheard of by most people unless they happen to have visited the area. In addition to the Locorotondo, we also offer the Casale San Giorgio red, a delicious and deeply fruited wine also very typical of the Puglia region.

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