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Champagne Pannier

Champagne Pannier

In 1899, Louis-Eugène Pannier began the story of Champagne Pannier at Dizy, just outside Epernay. With time and excellent workmanship, the brand earned its reputation and began a new chapter of its history full of promise, moving to Château-Thierry in the Marne Valley vineyards. On these lands, which have inspired many painters, writers and poets, remarkable and ancient stone quarries dating from the 12th century serve as the cellars of Champagne Pannier. A skillful stonecutter carved an archer into the wall of one of these deep galleries. The house quite naturally chose this symbol of balance, mastery and dexterity as the emblem of its know how and adopted the archer’s motto: "Aim For Perfection".

As the secret behind the creation of a great Champagne lies in the blending, the House has been entrusting this delicate and decisive task to its talented cellar master, Philippe Dupuis, for over 25 years now. He has developed an elegant range of Champagnes with a style that is clearly asserted by the predominant presence of black grapes (Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier) balanced with a strong portion of Chardonnay.

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