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Château Famaey

Château Famaey

Although it dates back to 1850, the story of Château Famaey today is that of Luc Luyckx and Marc van Antwerpen, a pair of courageous Belgians who share the same dream: to produce great wine from the rich terroir of Cahors. The dreams of these childhood friends came true when they purchased Château Famaey and its 33 hectares of vineyards. Maarten, Luc's son, has joined them in their endeavours, taking on the role of cellar master and collaborating with one of the region's finest oenologists to constantly enhance the quality of their wines.

Château Famaey's vineyards are spread across the three terraces of the Lot valley, with grapes from the first terrace used to make an easier drinking range of wines and grapes from the second and third terraces reserved for their prestigious Cahors appellation wines. Each cuvée at Château Famaey is made individually, respecting the origin of the grapes and the age of the vines - anything from 35 to 65 years old. These are wines of tradition, quality and style that demonstrate what a truly wonderful grape variety Malbec can be in the right hands. This area is the true home of the grape variety and certainly the wines of the third terrace can be quite magnificent.

Ongoing care and respect for nature are key to the cultivation techniques used at Château Famaey, and the yields are very carefully controlled in order to produce rich, honest and authentic wines. This dynamic, family run business has earned the reputation of producing a modern style of Cahors, creating fine wines that highlight the fruit and structure of the Malbec grape.

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